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New activity: Vegan sushi workshop in Tokyo city

Discover Japanese vegetables, make vegan sushi with experienced chefs then savour the healthy food you prepared during vegan sushi-making workshops organized in Tokyo city by the Yes In Japan team! The ingredients may include avocado, coconut, ginger, nori seaweed, okra, shiitake mushrooms… and the favourite rice of your cooking lesson’s teacher 🙂 We can easily organize a workshop in English (with bilingual chefs), French (with assistant e.g. Sébastien Duval) or Japanese language (great for foreign language students).
Vegan sushi

Interested by this new activity and coming soon to Japan? E-mail us today to get details or make a reservation. Do not hesitate if you are a vegan/vegetarian traveller or have difficulties enjoying the Japanese food due to the specificities of your religion!

Shopping in Tokyo: Cooking knives at Kamata Hakensha

Select top-grade kitchen knives made in Japan for your home or restaurant! In Tokyo, Kamata Hakensha is a family speciality store open in 1923; it proposes 800 Japanese knives, many hand-made, and you can engrave a name for free!

Cooking knives at Kamata Hakensha (Taito ward, Tokyo, Japan).

Engraving a cooking knife at Kamata Hakensha (Taito ward, Tokyo, Japan).

A few prices:

  • All-purpose cooking knife: 6.000 yens
  • Fish knife: 4.800 yens
  • Sashimi knife: 5.700 yens
  • Home-use set: 17.400 yens

Note: You can pay by credit card when shopping at Kamata Hakensha.

Kappabashi in Japan

Kappabashi is an offbeat area of Tokyo city. In Taito ward, this old “kitchen town” is visited by Japanese professionals desiring equipment for their restaurant, bar, hotel, cooking school… but also by foreigners interested in high-quality cooking knives, incredibly realistic fake food, etc.

Kappabashi is near Iriya subway station (Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line), Tawaramachi subway station (Tokyo Metro Ginza Line), and Asakusa train station (Tsukuba Express line). Asakusa subway station and Ueno train station are at walking distance; holders of a JR Pass can reach Ueno for free by riding the Yamanote Line. To easily find your way on foot, we recommend you to get a map of Kappabashi & Asakusa.

Our travel agency organizes Yes in Japan 1-day tours in English and French including “Kappabashi-dori” shopping street because its shops are fun, because fake food is a great gift, and because many foreign chefs need an interpreter to discuss with Japanese shopkeepers! On holidays in Japan with your children? Join a memorable “Make fake food” activity in Kappabashi 🙂

Food in Tokyo: Cook your beef, chicken or pork at Nikuya-no-shojikina-shokudo!

Cook and eat your meat at the counter: well grilled, à point… For sukiyaki, dip your beef in the egg. Really enjoyable!
Cook your beef, chicken or pork at Nikuya-no-shojikina-shokudo (Chiyoda ward, Tokyo, Japan)!

Typical prices for the food:

  • Chicken in hot pot: 650 yens
  • Pork ginger: 800 yens
  • Steak: 1000 yens
  • Sukiyaki: 1100 yens

Open: 11:00-23:00

Phone: (+81) 03-3233-8088
Credit cards: Unavailable.
Menu: English, Japanese.

Nikuya-no-shojikina-shokudo is the restaurant 18 in the section C3 of our Get Japan map of Tokyo in spring/summer 2015:
Free map: North of the Imperial Palace (Tokyo, Japan).

Ideas for our Autumn 2014 map of Tokyo Jimbocho Book Town?

We distributed 20.000 Yes in Japan maps of Tokyo Jimbocho printed in English on A3 paper at hotels, shops, cultural centres, and special events in Tokyo this summer to help travellers, support local businesses, and promote tourism in Chiyoda ward (Jimbocho is its northern part). Many foreign tourists walked holding the map and the local community gave us much positive feedback! After seeing the digital version below, do you have suggestions or comments for an extended “Autumn 2014” map of Tokyo Jimbocho? What information do you wish for your first/next visit there?

Map of Jimbocho area in Chiyoda ward (Tokyo, Japan) for summer 2014.

Our “Summer 2014” map of Tokyo Jimbocho features hotels, subway/train station exits, Christian churches, Shinto shrines, post offices, and police stations. It also includes a calendar (flea market, martial arts tournaments…) and recommends:

Note: You can always download for free the latest Yes in Japan map of Jimbocho “Book Town”.