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Shopping in Tokyo: Chopsticks at Hashitou Honten

Go shopping to offer simple, traditional or modern chopsticks and get a special set for you! In Tokyo, Hashitou Honten sells wonderful chopsticks designed and made by Japanese artisans in Tokyo, Kyoto, Aomori… for restaurants and families since 1910. Find a set with the right shape, length, tree, and colours then try it on beans in a box!

Wall of chopsticks at Hashitou Honten (Taito ward, Tokyo, Japan).

Chopsticks at Hashitou Honten (Taito ward, Tokyo, Japan).

Testing chopsticks with beans at Hashitou Honten (Taito ward, Tokyo, Japan).

A few prices:

  • Chopsticks made from bamboo, cherry, persimmon… tree: 1.080-21.600 yens
  • Beginner chopsticks with a ring for right-handed or left-handed people: 648 yens

Note: You can pay by credit card.

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