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How to go to Petit Bonheur in Tokyo? From Iidabashi station…

Petit Bonheur is near Tokyo’s Iidabashi station: 3 minutes from exit West if you arrive by JR train or 4 minutes from exit B2a if you arrive by subway. Petit Bonheur is also near APA Hotel Tokyo-kudanshita (5 minutes), Hotel Grand Palace (6 minutes) and Hotel Metropolitan Edmont (6 minutes).

This international restaurant allowing healthy vegetarian meals is the spot 14 on the Yes in Japan free map of Tokyo Chiyoda of autumn/winter 2014:
Map of Chiyoda ward North (Tokyo, Japan).

Go to Petit Bonheur when you visit the nearby Tokyo Grand Shrine, Yasukuni Shinto Shrine or Kagurazaka district! This restaurant is a great option if you study Japanese at a language school in Iidabashi area: it has a cheap lunch buffet with delicious food 🙂