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Jimbocho/Awajicho area in Tokyo: Japanese food & tea, clothing, entertainment and nightlife!

Popular life and culture in Japan’s capital city near Jimbocho, Awajicho, Ogawamachi and Shin-ochanomizu stations! Delicious Japanese food and tea, unique clothing, popular entertainment, and Shinto nightlife! For your autumn/winter 2014, the Yes in Japan team recommends:

Japanese food and drinks at Mokuchi Jimbocho (Chiyoda ward, Tokyo, Japan).

Visit these popular shops and cultural centres if you study/work near Awajicho, sleep at a hotel in Tokyo’s Chiyoda ward, or walk in the nearby gardens of the Imperial Palace 🙂

Lunch in Tokyo: Daily set at Marebito tea house (Jimbocho, Chiyoda ward)

Today’s lunch savoured at Marebito tea house: the daily set with bamboo, duck, tofu, miso soup containing eggplant, rice topped with tea leaves…
Lunch in Tokyo: Daily set at Marebito tea house (Jimbocho, Chiyoda ward).

To finish, a soft cup of “bancha” tea!
Cup of bancha tea at Marebito teahouse (Jimbocho, Chiyoda ward, Tokyo).

If you like tasty ingredients and Japanese tea, walk a few minutes from Jimbocho station (Chiyoda ward, Tokyo) to reach Marebito tea house! You can even order your lunch in English 🙂



  • Bancha = 番茶.
  • Marebito = まれびと.
  • Jimbocho station = 神保町駅 (Jimbocho-eki), Chiyoda ward = 千代田区 (Chiyoda-ku), Tokyo = 東京.

April 2014 in Tokyo: Calendar of activities in English by YES IN JAPAN

Travel Stand Japan just launched 3 Yes in Japan Japanese activities in English for foreign travellers in Tokyo during April 2014: Japanese games time (janken, karuta, sugoroku…), Japanese tea time (green tea powder, leaves, tasting…) and Washi paper time (handmade set, origami, chigiri-e…). These activities are great to learn about the Japanese culture and lifestyle, especially if you travel in Japan with children.

Activity in Tokyo: Japanese tea time.

You will find below our calendar for April 2014 with the dates, gathering times and places, titles and references of our activities. Follow the links to learn more or make a reservation. Note that a separate schedule exists for our walks in April 2014 and that some activities will remain available in May 2014 and beyond.

Except Sundays
and public holidays
Start time of your choice between 15:00 and 18:00 at Marebito tea house
Japanese tea time
(Activity A14A)
07, 14, 21, 28 April
08, 15, 22 April
14:00 at Jimbocho
Washi paper time
(Activity A14B)
14:00 at Jimbocho
Japanese games time
(Activity A14C)
09, 16, 23, 30 April
10, 17, 24 April
14:00 at Jimbocho
Washi paper time
(Activity A14B)
14:00 at Jimbocho
Japanese games time
(Activity A14C)
11, 18, 25 April

Each group is limited to 6 participants so we recommend you to reserve early!

All our activities in English take place in Tokyo near Jimbocho station, which is easy to access by subway from Shibuya station and Shinjuku station. You can also walk from Kudanshita station and Suidobashi station. Convenient nearby hotels include Sakura Hotel Jimbocho, Hotel Grand Palace (near Yasukuni shrine), Hotel Niwa Tokyo (near our travel agency) and Tokyo Dome Hotel (near our travel agency).

Have fun and experience Japan during your Spring holidays!



  • Jimbocho station = 神保町駅 (Jimbocho-eki), Tokyo = 東京.
  • Hotel Grand Palace = ホテルグランドパレス (hotelu-gurando-palesu).
  • Hotel Niwa Tokyo = 庭のホテル東京 (Niwa-no-hotelu-Tokyo).
  • Sakura Hotel Jimbocho = サクラホテル神保町 (Sakula-hotelu-jimbocho).
  • Tokyo Dome Hotel = 東京ドームホテル (Tokyo-domu-hotelu).