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Sweet pink cherry blossoms in Sakura street (Tokyo, Japan)

On the way of our walking tour “Shopkeepers x Japanese Culture” this afternoon, our French and Japanese guides had the good surprise to see sweet pink cherry blossoms in Tokyo’s Sakura street, near Jimbocho station and Sakura Hotel Jimbocho. What do you think of their photo?

Pink cherry blossoms in Sakura street (Tokyo, Japan) on 17 March 2014.

Enjoy the season of cherry blossoms in Japan!



  • Sakura street = さくら通り (Sakura-dori), Tokyo = 東京.
  • Jimbocho station = 神保町駅 (Jimbocho-eki).
  • Sakura Hotel Jimbocho = サクラホテル神保町 (Sakula-hotelu-jimbocho).

New tour in Tokyo: “After the War: Fighters and Civilians”

Travel Stand Japan just launched a Yes in Japan original tour in Tokyo for Spring 2014: “After the War: Fighters and Civilians” (reference W14E). Our team strongly recommends you this walking tour if you are interested in Japan’s history and culture, world war 2 and the post-war period, and international relationships.

Yasukuni shrine in Tokyo (Japan).

Visit the famous/infamous Yasukuni shrine, view relics of World War 2 and enter a museum dedicated to the Showa period that covers the war and the following years. Expect to see army gear, a Zero fighter plane, a special souvenir shop, Japanese newspapers, and old photos! The explanations of our English-speaking guide will be as factual as possible; please form your best opinion about this sensitive topic during your travel in Japan and back home…

Zero fighter plane in Tokyo (Japan).

Current calendar for March 2014: Thursday 20 and Thursday 27 with departures at 09:30 from the nice Hotel Grand Palace. Follow the link below to get up-to-date information and book online.

Feel Japan’s modern history and understand the life of Japanese grand-parents during your stay in Tokyo!



  • Showa period = 昭和時代 (Showa-jidai).
  • Yasukuni shrine = 靖国神社 (Yasukuni-jinja), Tokyo = 東京.
  • Hotel Grand Palace = ホテルグランドパレス (hotelu-gurando-palesu).