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23 December 2016: Asakusa Tatsumiya re-open (kimono tumblers in Tokyo)

Temporarily closed, the shop Asakusa Tatsumiya specialized in kimono tumblers is moving closer to Asakusa subway station and will re-open just 10 seconds away from the famous Kaminari-mon red Thunder Gate on 23 December 2016! We will gladly accompany you afterwards during a shopping tour in Tokyo city, to buy a kimono tumbler at the new shop if you love unique, beautiful things useful in everyday life 🙂

For readers visiting Asia who have not heard about kimono tumblers:

You really want to purchase a kimono tumbler made in Japan from the world leader before 23 December 2016? Order in English on the online store of Asakusa Tatsumiya:

Enjoy Japanese products!

Tokyo tour: Asakusa for Muslims (with halal restaurants)

The Yes in Japan team organizes private & group tours in English suitable for Muslim tourists & businessmen in Asakusa, most famous tourist district of Tokyo and rare location of Japan with a choice of halal meals. In half a day, get photographed with the huge red lantern of Kaminarimon Thunder Gate, stroll in Nakamise shopping street, smell incense at Senso-ji Buddhist temple, hear hand claps when prayers start at Asakusa Shinto Shrine, visit small shops with good-quality kimonos made in Japan (including soft colourful yukata and sober samue), and savour ramen noodles with halal meat then a pudding for lunch or dinner…

In this video in English, the Muslim staff of Asakusa Naritaya (halal-certified restaurant with prayer room) cooks tasty ramen noodles:

You are less strict? The Japanese chef of Asakusa Teppan-taro cooks diverse Muslim-friendly okonomiyaki pancakes… Discover his restaurant described in English:

2017 should be busy so… contact us before travelling to Japan to learn more and make reservations 🙂

Art video: Japanese ink wash painting at Toyokuni Atelier (Tokyo)

Watch the cool Get Japan video “Japanese Ink Wash Painting” (59 seconds) to learn about Toyokuni Atelier in Tokyo city then give it a thumb up 🙂 You can see original painted scrolls & postcards of Daruma, cats, dragons, etc. for sale and the artist HONDA Yuta drawing bamboo on paper with a brush during a lesson! If needed, activate the subtitles in English, French…

Our French guide accompanied several travellers to this nice art gallery during 1-day tours to introduce the Japanese culture and sumi-e traditional ink wash painting. Families with children particularly enjoyed the sumi-e activity in English (or in French thanks to the guide)! Think about it when you travel to Asia 🙂

Free resources: Get Japan

You prepare your travel in Asia? Our guides are already booked during your stay in Japan? You wonder what to do today on holidays in Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Kamakura, Hiroshima…?

Use our free resources Get Japan for independent travellers!

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You will find our videos with subtitles (languages: English, French, Japanese…), our original city maps in English for walkers & cyclists (examples in Tokyo: Asakusa, Ginza, Jimbocho), our favourite restaurants (Japanese, vegetarian, halal) and shops (traditional, handmade, made in Japan, high tech), our selection of hotels & ryokans in metropolises and in the countryside, our photos of tourism & nature, our calendars of activities & events…

You like Get Japan? Tell your friends 🙂 Something is missing or should be improved? Tell the team! Enjoy your trip in Japan 🙂

Photos & videos of sumi-e and Toyokuni Atelier Studio (Tokyo, Japan)

Fans of Toyokuni Atelier Studio and lovers of Japan’s art sumi-e, follow these links with many photos and videos:

Official website (English & Japanese): http://www.nekomachi.com
YouTube (English & Japanese): http://www.youtube.com/user/HondaKoboh
Facebook (Japanese): https://www.facebook.com/ToyokuniHonda
Twitter (Japanese): https://twitter.com/toyokuni

Go to the gallery in Chiyoda ward when you visit or move to Tokyo 🙂
Master Toyokuni at Toyokuni Atelier Studio (Chiyoda ward, Tokyo, Japan).

24 May 2014: 52nd All Japan Aikido Demonstration at Nippon-budokan (Tokyo)

If you enjoy aikido or wish to discover this Japanese martial art, attend the impressive 52nd All Japan Aikido Demonstration on Saturday 24 May 2014 at Nippon-budokan (Chiyoda ward, Tokyo)! Numerous aikido practitioners will make demonstrations on tatami mats for the general public from 12:00 to 17:00, and you can enter from 11:00 to watch everything for free…
All Japan Aikido Demonstration at Nippon-budokan (Tokyo) in May 2012.

Check the following video playlist on YouTube to see the All Japan Aikido Demonstration at Nippon-budokan in May 2012:

For a good hotel near the Nippon-budokan that weekend, check Hotel Grand Palace. To discover the Japanese culture, we also recommend you our 1-day tour Insight Into Japanese Arts In Tokyo during your stay in Japan.



  • Aikido = 合気道, All Japan Aikido Demonstration = 全日本合気道演武大会 (Zen-nippon-aikido-enbu-taikai).
  • Nippon-budokan = 日本武道館, Chiyoda ward = 千代田区 (Chiyoda-ku), Tokyo = 東京.