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Shopping in Tokyo: Feel, use and offer washi paper from Yamagataya-kamiten

Yamagataya-kamiten provides washi traditional paper since 1879! Feel textures, see how you could use them, and get handmade cards, origami sets, artistic/cosplay materials… to offer or create!
Feel, use and offer washi paper from Yamagataya-kamiten (Chiyoda ward, Tokyo, Japan).

Typical prices:

  • Washi sheet: 300 yens
  • Origami set: 350 yens
  • Mount Fuji postcard: 200 yens
  • Cute towel: 800 yens

Open: 10:00-18:00 (Sunday and public holidays: closed)

Phone: (+81) 03-3221-7829
Credit cards: Unavailable.
Labels: Japanese.

Yamagataya-kamiten is the gift shop 16 in the section C3 of our Get Japan map of Tokyo in spring/summer 2015:
Free map: North of the Imperial Palace (Tokyo, Japan).

Jimbocho/Takebashi area in Tokyo: Japanese paper, prints, paintings, sushi…

Exciting Japanese art and culture in Tokyo near Jimbocho and Takebashi subway stations! Traditional paper, prints and paintings, artworks from diverse artists, an imperial spot for green tourism, and delicious raw fish! In autumn and winter 2014, Yes in Japan‘s travel manager recommends you:

Sumi-e painting at Toyokuni Atelier Studio (Chiyoda ward, Tokyo, Japan).

Visit these unique shops and cultural spots if you study/work in Jimbocho, stay at a hotel in Chiyoda ward, attend a tournament at the nearby Martial Arts Hall of Japan or go to Yasukuni Shrine!

Ideas for our Autumn 2014 map of Tokyo Jimbocho Book Town?

We distributed 20.000 Yes in Japan maps of Tokyo Jimbocho printed in English on A3 paper at hotels, shops, cultural centres, and special events in Tokyo this summer to help travellers, support local businesses, and promote tourism in Chiyoda ward (Jimbocho is its northern part). Many foreign tourists walked holding the map and the local community gave us much positive feedback! After seeing the digital version below, do you have suggestions or comments for an extended “Autumn 2014” map of Tokyo Jimbocho? What information do you wish for your first/next visit there?

Map of Jimbocho area in Chiyoda ward (Tokyo, Japan) for summer 2014.

Our “Summer 2014” map of Tokyo Jimbocho features hotels, subway/train station exits, Christian churches, Shinto shrines, post offices, and police stations. It also includes a calendar (flea market, martial arts tournaments…) and recommends:

Note: You can always download for free the latest Yes in Japan map of Jimbocho “Book Town”.