Tours in Japan: For vegans & vegetarians


Vegan or vegetarian preparing your trip to Japan? Our Japanese travel agency organizes original tours for travellers like you because things can be so difficult, unexciting or expensive for vegans/vegetarians visiting Japan! So far, our diverse vegan/vegetarian customers (from the UK, India…) have always been quite happy 🙂

We typically select promising providers for food & drinks, talk with the staff, taste the food, and check the ambiance of the restaurants to ensure a great moment for everybody. We occasionally request adaptations; tell us early if you like or avoid alcohol, onions, garlic… In addition, our tour guide can translate between English and Japanese if you worry about something or if you wonder about the taste of seasonal Japanese vegetables & fruits you have never seen before!

Examples of Yes In Japan tours for vegans in 2017-2018:

The Yes in Japan team can also organize completely personalized private tours in Japan for you, based on your goals, hobbies, schedule, budget, destinations of interest… 🙂