Tours in Japan (2017-2018)

Our guide Sébastien Duval prepared new tours in June 2017. You should find something for you even if you are a Muslim, vegan or vegetarian! We can also propose something completely personalized if needed in Tokyo, Machida, Enoshima (island), Kawagoe (historical city), Yokohama (port), Odawara (with its castle)… Make sure to reserve early 🙂

(For diverse special needs, ask us and we will see what we can propose.)

Highlight in Tokyo:
* Lucky Vegan in Chiyoda.
* Storytelling in Chiyoda.

Highlight for 1-day tours from Tokyo:
* Lucky Vegan in Kamakura.

In Tokyo:
* Cooking day.
* Evening in Chiyoda ward.
* First day.
* Gourmet day.
* Halal day.
* Last day.
* One more time (day).
* Study day in Chiyoda ward.
* Study morning in Chiyoda ward.
* Vegan day in Chiyoda ward.

1-day tours from Tokyo:
* Halal day in Atami.
* Halal day in Kamakura.
* Halal day in Odawara.
* Study day in Kamakura.
* Vegan day in Atami.
* Vegan day in Kamakura.
* Vegan day in Odawara.

2-day trip from Tokyo:
* Ecotour in Kamakura.

3-day trip from Tokyo:
* Tokyo, Hakone & Kamakura.

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