Ukiyo-e woodblock print in Tokyo: The Hota Coast in Awa Province at Ebisudo gallery

Add ukiyo-e woodblock prints by the famous artist UTAGAWA Hiroshige to your collection or offer them to Japanese art lovers! Consider this print “The Hota Coast in Awa Province” (nowadays Kyonan city in Chiba prefecture) with pine trees, walkers, waves, boats, and a completely white Mount Fuji… realized in Japan in 1858 and found in Jimbocho Book Town at Ebisudo gallery (Chiyoda ward, Tokyo):
Ukiyo-e woodblock print with the Hota coast in Awa province at Ebisudo gallery (Chiyoda ward, Tokyo, Japan).

To acquire this fine ukiyo-e original part of the “36 views of Mount Fuji” series, take exit A7 at Jimbocho subway station and bring 110.000 yens to the ukiyo-e shop during your stay in Tokyo!